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Feb 9, 2011 10:48:00 PM
By BLO Staff

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On Wednesday
night February 2, 2011 BLO bunch gathered once again to see Boston Lyric
Opera’s presentation of The Emperor of
It was a night for learning. I am very familiar with the great
works of Mozart, Handel and Puccini with their rich melodies. The Emperor of Atlantis by Viktor
Ullman, along with the
world premiere of The After-Image, a prologue by Richard Beaudoin, was
an education on contemporary music. Although I am not familiar with
contemporary music I enjoyed the evening. I enjoyed the way in which The After- Image shared similar context
as The Emperor of Atlantis but was
not meant to be a new addition but complimentary to the opera. In addition, I
believe the librettist of The Emperor of
was brilliant writing with such depth of context at such a young
age in such a miserable time. I believe the opera was a great success for
Boston Lyric Opera I look forward to seeing how they can further push
boundaries in future annex performances.
Till Next Time,
Kara Fleishaker, Boston University

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