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Arbit Blatas and The Threepenny Opera

Mar 13, 2018 5:37:00 PM
By BLO Staff

The Threepenny Opera is a work that provoked passion, outrage, and has inspired countless other artists over the course of 90 years. One such artist, Arbit Blatas, came back to the themes and story of Threepenny many times over the course of his career as an artist and sculptor. Read on for more!

Dazzled by the world première of The Threepenny Opera that he attended in Berlin in 1928, Lithuanian-born artist Arbit Blatas (1908-1999) was inspired to produce paintings, sculpture and lithography based on the iconic Weill-Brecht work for the next 70 years.

Blatas’ canon of work depicting scenes and characters from The Threepenny Opera includes a large three-panel folding screen, 18 portraits, 10 sculptures, several large canvases and sets of color and black-and-white lithographs. When his first series of Threepenny paintings disappeared in a theft in 1994, Blatas spent the last fifteen years of his life reproducing all 18 canvasses.


Blatas_3PO Mack's Farewell (original).jpgMack's Farewell

Blatas_3PO The Brothel (original).jpg

The Brothel



Blatas_The Hanging (lithograph).jpgThe Hanging


Blatas_The Street Singer (lithograph).jpgThe Street Singer

Many works of this collection are for sale. For further information, please view the artist’s website at, and/or write to


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