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Backstage drawing

Apr 7, 2011 4:19:00 AM
By BLO Staff

 Sure,  this is a realistic  detailed technical drawing of backstage machinery... but it seems to me an intriguingly  apt metaphorical representation  of  the theater event itself seen from "the wings" .  All that beauty  and spectacle and meaning, drama and performance that the audience sees ( or is allowed to see) literally  depends on , is run by , is organized by, an intricate series of  hidden wheels, ropes, pulleys, tracks, interconnected cogs all  seamlessly  working together (or anyway that's the plan)   These ropes, the cogs etc are real  enough but they might also represent  the  mental systems of interconnected plans, thoughts, imagination, instincts and even  whims ...the backstage of the mind as it were  ...of a  group of theater people who have come together to work, to  create  a play... an opera event...

-- John Conklin

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