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Backstage with John Mac Master (Part 2)

Jan 23, 2011 10:29:00 AM
By BLO Staff

Day 2
This morning we have a meet and greet with
all the staff at Boston Lyric Opera….It takes an office full of people to run
an opera company….The artistic side that plans repertoire, chooses artists; the
technical side that rents or builds a physical production and gets it into the
hall in a timely fashion; the marketing and PR side that tells the world about
the work we are trying to do, and sells the tickets for the performances; and
the development people that raise the money for us all to do this work. In a
typical performing arts organization, if we sell ALL of the tickets to ALL of
our performances, we will still need to raise 60% of the company’s budget from
sponsors and donors! So at the meet and greet we all get to meet each other, as
we will all be working together to make the show a success.
Stage Director David Scheweizer shares his vision with the company. Photo by Julius Ahn.

Now David Schweizer, who is the Stage
Director for this production, will tell us his plan, his ideas about this show,
and how he is planning on staging it. Like all of us, David is a freelancer –
hired by Boston Lyric Opera to come and work on this project. David is a very
well known director, and has worked in theatre, music videos and for opera
companies. He has a huge and well deserved reputation garnered over some 30
years of directing; and in many cases he has shepherded the weird and the
wonderful to the stage….so we are in great hands. He has already spoken to the
entire cast on the telephone in the weeks that led up this, to get our ‘take’
on our characters, to give us a sense of how he will be proceeding. Nothing is
a surprise this morning, but it is good to experience his calm focused manner,
and a kind of “Puckish” humour that promises some laughs along the way…..

Day 3
Is a snow day! We are all within walking
distance of the theatre, but the building itself is closed as the staff cannot
get in….By early afternoon there have been some e-mails exchanged, and a few of
us gather at David’s for some wine and snacks, a chance to get to know each
other better.

If you have
questions, email and we'll get back to you.

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