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Introducing: The Opera Gala

Jul 10, 2013 1:15:00 PM
By BLO Staff

As a
professional event planner, I am often asked about the “shelf life” of an
event.  How long can a group continue to
produce the “same” event (no matter how successful) before it becomes stale?
How can a reinvigorated event help to raise more money, shine a spotlight on
the organization, and really feature their mission?

While the
answer is different for every organization, there were many reasons why Boston
Lyric Opera decided it was time to bring the curtain up on a
newly imagined Opera Gala.
BLO is an integral part of Boston’s vibrant performing arts community and is in an exciting
time of growth and change; the stakes have never been higher. In
conjunction with my co-chairs, Ann Beha and Jessica Donohue, we have designed an
October evening that focuses not only on fun but also on what BLO is known for –
At the
center of “ The Opera Gala, A Season Opening Celebration”  is a presentation of Mozart’s classic The Magic Flute. Staged within a contemporary
context and sung in English, this excitingly updated version is the perfect way
to introduce opera-shy friends to BLO. Additionally, the flexible ticket pricing will allow more people than ever before to join us for the Gala, the
production and the post-performance party. In short, there is something for

settling in to savor the John Conklin designed sets in the Shubert Theatre,
over 350 Gala guests will enjoy a cocktail reception with pop-up performances,
music and a sumptuous dinner served in the splendor of the Wang Center.

hand selected event partners for the Gala celebration include The Catered Affair, Be Our Guest, Winston Flowers and artistic partner ART.  We are inspired by the collaboration with our
enthusiastic partners and remain so appreciative of their support.

Prior to
curtain the Gala guests will be escorted (with appropriate pomp and
circumstance!) to the Shubert where they will join other opening night opera
lovers for the performance. The Magic
cast, all with deep ties to Boston, are not only Boston Strong, they
are Boston talented.
The Gala is
exciting, ambitious and full of opportunity for BLO. The new format will allow more
people than ever before to celebrate the start of the season with a full BLO
production. It is an inviting opportunity to meet new friends by supporting the Gala and, perhaps even more enticing, is the post-performance
celebration highlighted by cocktails, dessert, and a host of unique surprises,
all of which make the event more accessible to younger opera patrons. Look for a blog post later this summer where we will share more of the
details of that exciting element of The Opera Gala!
In the
meantime, please visit BLO’s website to learn more about The Opera Gala, The Magic Flute and how you can purchase
tickets to the entire evening.
Lynn Dale
Co-chair of The Opera Gala
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