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'Midsummer' musings

May 14, 2011 8:03:00 AM
By BLO Staff

A Midsummer Night’s Dream was the third BLO production I
have had the pleasure of seeing, and I must say although all three were
products of the same organization, they were all so uniquely different that it
is so difficult to compare them to each other; and even more difficult to pick
a favorite.

I think
the thing that struck me the most about Midsummer
(aside from the adorable children’s chorus), was the juxtaposition of the
classic Shakespearean story and characters with such an interesting and unusual
set. From the various shapes and sizes of moons that appeared throughout the
show, to a set comprised entirely of yellow chairs in a variety of positions
and sizes; the set definitely brought an other-worldly feeling, and helped to
place Oberon and the faeries in a different type of mystical setting.  The set, which was rather eerie at times,
helped to emphasize the unsettling moments in Britten’s score; while the
various forest set pieces featuring cartoon trees, then, more literally, the
words “tree” and “leaf” underscored the more whimsical side of Britten’s
comparison to the other productions BLO has done this season, I think this cast
was definitely the largest. With the various subplots throughout the story
there were so many characters to pay attention to. My personal favorites were
the men in the acting troupe, led by Andrew
Shore as Nick Bottom.
They provided the perfect amount of real comedy in a show based entirely on
I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 out of 4 productions I was able to see this season,
and I am already looking forward to next year’s lineup. Midsummer definitely has me very excited to see BLO take on another
Shakespearean work with Macbeth next
fall; and after such a unique experience with The Emperor of Atlantis I am really curious to see the next Opera
Annex production of The Lighthouse set
in the JFK Library. I hope to continue to see many new faces with The BLO Bunch
after next season’s shows!

-- Katie McNamara

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