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Jan 14, 2011 8:30:00 AM
By BLO Staff

What assumptions do you have about opera? Or about what it means to work for an opera company? Do you think that everyone who works for an opera company has listened to and loved classical music their entire lives? Or that everyone is a singer and maybe, a bit on the older side? You just might be wrong...
Before I worked at Boston Lyric Opera, I knew very little about opera; in fact, I had only seen one live performance of an opera. However, my love for live theatre and enthusiasm to learn trumped my lack of knowledge and I embarked on my opera career. I still do not know how to sing and I cannot read music, but none of that matters; I care about opera.
Like me, some of my colleagues also knew very little about opera before employment at BLO. Our backgrounds are varied, but all have a tenuous link to performance in some way or another and none of us are more than 5 years out of college. Conclusion? A phd in musicology is not required to work at an opera least, not on the admin side! Hear for yourself, what some of the staff has to say about working for an opera company.
Featuring: Erik Johnson (Artistic Coordinator), Michael Chiappardi (Company Manager) and Heather Laplante (Annual Fund Manager)
- Karen Robichaud, Marketing Coordinator

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