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Student Figaro Reviews

May 5, 2017 11:22:01 AM
By BLO Staff

BLO invites high school and college students to attend the final dress rehearsals of its productions. Often this is students’ first experience with opera. Student study materials are provided. In exchange for passes, BLO requests student responses about the production.

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See a sampling of student responses from The Marriage of Figaro Final Dress Rehearsal:

"The production of The Marriage of Figaro was wonderful! I was entranced from the moment the opera began. I loved the time period that it was set in and that the stage crew was incorporated into the show, it was a delightful interpretation. The emotional performance from the cast was excellent, they made me burst into laughter and want to cry. The musicianship all around between the orchestra and vocals were superb. If I could, I would see every performance!"

- Amara K. Nguyen, Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill, MA

"Even though I had sung arias and scenes from this fantastic opera, I had never seen [The Marriage of Figaro] live. It has been one of my favorite operas for years, and it was a pleasure to watch this masterwork presented by BLO. From the moment the maestro’s baton dropped, I was enthralled. Opera is supposed to be about the beautiful music, voices, costumes, sets, and scenery, and BLO perfectly captured Figaro in a 1950s setting.

From the first duet between Figaro and Susannah to the last chorus, I was held captivated. As a young soprano I fear that I may have entered the dying profession. This performance not only showed me that opera is alive and well, but that I can have a career in opera. BLO’s Figaro has inspired me to work harder to achieve what I believe my ultimate goal to be - singing opera professionally. Thank you, Boston Lyric Opera, for letting me enter a world where I could let my mind wander through the music, and enjoy a timeless work. It was glorious!" 

- Rosemary Crimp

"I am an North Essex Community College student that went with a group led by my music instructor to see the opera "The Marriage of Figaro" shown at the Boston Lyric Opera.  That was my first ever opera and had very little idea what to expect.  I have told my best friend what I was doing that night and he told me to bring my pillow for it is very boring and will make me go to sleep.  After experiencing my first ever opera, I have to disagree with him for I have enjoyed it very much!  I can definitely appreciate the talent going on in the stage with the singers and their amazing voices.  I sat near the harpsichord player and was amazed of his attentiveness to what is going on the stage and below.  I loved listening the talent going on below with the rest of the medium playing the music of Mozart. 

The one unexpected thing was how the stage crew was involved in the whole thing, which I found very creative and very amusing how they were integrated in the performance.  I appreciated how cell phones are not allowed to be on while the performance is going on.  I understand it has to do with the transmission of their sound system, but it made the whole experience even more enjoyable for there are no distractions.  Knowing a little Italian helped a lot also - though I really need to brush up on my Italian language.  Thank you for a great experience! 

- Ron Alpuerto



April 28 – May 7 at John Hancock Hall at the Back Bay Events Center



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