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Oct 23, 2018 9:37:18 AM
By BLO Staff

Michelle Trainor as Berta - Liza Voll PhotographyAround 400 high school and college students across greater Boston attended BLO’s Final Dress Rehearsal of The Barber of Seville. For many, it was their first experience with opera. Many of the students were surprised and delighted that it was laugh-out-loud funny. Here are some of their remarks:

“It was an eye-opening experience because I learned a bit more about a different style of music than I usually listen to and have taken a liking to it.” –Mila S., Winchester High School

“Seeing such an iconic opera was fantastic, and my Italian skills were improved.” –Ian A., Winchester High School

“The privilege of being able to see opera with my class for free is something I am infinitely grateful for.” –Rachel M., Medford High School

“Nothing could deny how much passion the whole cast had during just the rehearsal! I would rate this 10/10 for the funniest opera.” –Tenzin D., Medford High School

“Coming from the perspective of a violin player, and a girl that loves opera and classical music, The Barber of Seville was a wonderful, beautiful, and powerful opera that I would definitely go see again with my friends and family.” –Anna S., Medford High School

Liza Voll Romance-1“The performance itself was a traditional classic story mixed with some modern twists, and I enjoyed it immensely! It was funny, sweet, and extremely entertaining. Bravissimi!” –Long C., Medford High School

“After a long day in school, I was looking forward to seeing The Barber of Seville.” –Qing C., Medford High School

“I loved the show! I think everyone did spectacular, especially the orchestra!” –Natalie G., Medford High School

“The best part of the performance was the lighting. The lighting conveyed the emotions very well. I also thought the set design was very interesting. It was very different from what I thought it would be like.” –Andrew F., Medford High School

“I liked how modern the opera was [compared to] other operas I have gone to.” – Brianna L., Medford High School

“My favorite part was when the guy sang “Figaro.” I also liked it when they were all singing to the girl that was on the balcony. I would recommend this opera to all my friends because I think they would enjoy it like I did.” –Harrison Z., Medford High School

“I’ve never seen an orchestra playing underneath the stage. You got to still see them playing and it was cool seeing the singers perform and the orchestra play at the same time. –Brianna L. Medford High School

LizaVollPhotography-4941“The complex love story is of course amusing, but I was surprised that it had a happy ending. I'm so used to these kinds of works ending in tragedy!”–Northeastern Undergraduate

“The one aspect of this that stood out to me the most was the scenery and the actors way of interacting with. The multiple levels allowed for the audience to feel like there were multiple rooms, mirroring the multiple disguises.” –Northeastern Undergraduate

“I was most amazed by the last scene of the first act, with everyone singing all together.” –Northeastern Undergraduate

“Opera is one of the only art forms where you can have everyone on stage singing over each other and singing completely different things and it works and it's just amazing. Those amazing musical climaxes just can't be beat.” –Northeastern Undergraduate


Audiences & critics love The Barber of Seville!


Images (top to bottom): Michelle Trainor as Berta; Daniela Mack as Rosina and Jesus Garcia as Almaviva; and Steven Condy as Bartolo, Matthew Worth as Figaro, and Jesus Garcia as Almaviva. All images by Liza Voll Photography.

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