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Student Reactions to the Opera- & Film-Infused SCHOENBERG IN HOLLYWOOD

Nov 21, 2018 11:45:49 AM
By BLO Staff posted in Schoenberg, #HollywoodBLO, school partnerships, 2018/19 Season, Identity, Opera history, Student Night at the Opera, #ArtsEdBLO

BLO welcomed dozens of students to the Final Dress Rehearsal of SCHOENBERG IN HOLLYWOOD, the World Premiere composed by Tod Machover. A unique fusion of opera, theater, film, and electronics, this opera illuminates the iconic 20th-century composer Arnold Schoenberg at a crossroads in his life. Here's what our student audience had to say.
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Schoenberg in...Hollywood?

Nov 15, 2018 11:42:59 AM
By Joseph Auner posted in #HollywoodBLO, Schoenberg, 2018/19 Season, Identity, world premiere, living librettists, living composers

The title of Tod Machover’s new opera, Schoenberg in Hollywood, will likely be reframed as a question by many audience members, e.g. “Schoenberg in Hollywood?” What could the inventor of the musical revolutions of atonality and twelve-tone music possibly have to do with Hollywood?
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Composer's Note: Tod Machover on Schoenberg in Hollywood

Nov 14, 2018 8:00:00 AM
By Tod Machover posted in Schoenberg, #HollywoodBLO, 2018/19 Season, Dissenters & Rebels, living composers, new works

Tod Machover, the composer behind Schoenberg in Hollywood, wrote this fascinating and insightful note for the program book of the opera's World Premiere production with Boston Lyric Opera. Read on to learn more about Machover's inspiration, process, and the personal meaning behind this new work.
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“The Punk Ballerina” Meets Arnold Schoenberg: Karole Armitage Directs Schoenberg in Hollywood

Nov 6, 2018 3:26:47 PM
By Richard Dyer posted in Schoenberg, #HollywoodBLO, 2018/19 Season, Dissenters & Rebels, Identity, Choreography, Stage Directors

Karole Armitage, stage director of Schoenberg in Hollywood, has spent her entire career re-inventing herself ... “I never sought to have a ‘career,’” she says. “Instead I always follow my curiosity and I’ve always been willing to try something no one else was doing.”
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GAZES: Schoenberg the Artist

Nov 1, 2018 10:20:15 AM
By John Conklin posted in Schoenberg, #HollywoodBLO, 2018/19 Season, Opera history, Dissenters & Rebels, Art

Schoenberg seriously considered a career as a painter. This aspect of a protean talent (he was also a renowned teacher, critic, and an important writer on music theory) opens new and revelatory insights into the complexities of this iconic creator.
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DRIVEN INTO THE PARADISE: Arnold Schoenberg and the Exile Experience

Oct 26, 2018 4:13:38 PM
By Harlow Robinson posted in #HollywoodBLO, 2018/19 Season, Identity, Schoenberg, world premiere, new works

Schoenberg juggled multiple national and religious identities during his long creative life: Austrian, German, Jewish, Protestant, American. Through all these dizzying dislocations and re-identifications, however, Schoenberg retained his single most important identity: as a composer.
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