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Meet the #FigaroBLO TWEET SQUAD

Apr 11, 2017 3:30:12 PM
By BLO Staff

tweet image.jpgThese digital influencers brought our opera hashtags to TRENDING status each of the three times they've convened. They're hilarious, fun, and twitter-powerful.

We've recently accepted our first string of #TWEETSQUAD members and we wanted to learn a little more about them...

(Interested in joining this rad group the evening of April 26? Apply to tweet here.)



WHY do you want to tweet #FigaroBLO?


“Nothing gets millennials to attend something like being asked to use their phones for stream of consciousness commentary” @littlemsgrad


#tweetsquad is life.”  @mmm_jackiez


“I got to live tweet and bring attention to the last 3 operas. Of course I want to live tweet #FigaroBLO as well!” @DryBertini


“#FigaroBLO tweet seats are sweet seats!” @sasherka


Last year I was a newbie to Opera, and tweeting #FigaroBLO would allow me to introduce others to the unique mind blowing experience!”  @jjcain83


“Being a member of the #tweetsquad is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. I've gotten the chance to see so many incredible works and meet so many lovely people and spread the word that opera is alive and well in the Boston area.” @MariaLuisaa7


“This will be a good way for a poor student like myself to experience Mozart live!” @jinxzzedya


Live-tweeting opera is one of the best things on Twitter & I had crazy fun tweeting for Rake- It is an engaging challenge.” @IntrepidLemur


“I've already been part of the Tweet Squad twice and absolutely loved being part of this new social media Revolution. I will always support Opera no matter where it is and I enjoy writing about it. I sincerely look forward to tweeting about The Marriage of Figaro. I love Opera!” @beboss01


"’Si vuol cantare...’ I'll tweet for you! #FigaroBLO” @thatslife4me


“#LeNozzediFigaro is my favorite Mozart's opera. I cant' wait to tweet #FigaroBLO!” @galenes


“No two productions of Le Nozze di Figaro are the same. BLO is pushing boundaries in the opera world these days, and I know #FigaroBLO will be no exception!” @0eritter0


“I want to introduce Opera to the Chinese Community”  Boston Arts WiFi (Chinese Social Media)


Love being a part of the #tweetsquad and so excited for one of my favorites operas, Marriage of Figaro! #figaroBLO #Boston” @JenLyonsEsq


“Because I love Art in all its forms and I love to promo great Art ... I also want to expose my network to Opera@JoselinMane


Veteran #DigitalTeam and #TweetSquad member excited to hear another mezzo's version of Voi Che Sapete.” @karamichelkirby


“Opera lover, singer, and writer of opera/food/drink blog ‘The Chubby Tenor.’” @MorganChalue


“I'm ready to complete my #opera education with @BostLyricOpera's #FigaroBLO! Sad for their season to end, but whats better than Mozart?@PaulinaEmCee


“Even w/ cross-dressing, mistaken ID, and a happy ending- the near-farce Marriage of Figaro still manages to have some bite to it! #FigaroBLO” @xina


“Maybe by live-tweeting Figaro, I can finally figure out the complicated plot...”  @y2000k


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