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Spotlight On: Vincent Turregano, Emerging Artist

May 14, 2018 1:55:31 PM
By BLO Staff

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We caught up with BLO Emerging Artist and Trouble in Tahiti Jazz Trio Member, Vincent Turregano

Read below to find out what it's like to be involved in such an innovative production like Trouble in Tahiti/Arias & Barcarolles and what his time as an Emerging Artist has been like! 

Come see Vincent in action and enjoy a night at the opera like you've never experienced before! Prepare yourself to be amazed as you step into our 1950's Jazz Club inspired space! 


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How is this different in comparison to other productions you’ve down at BLO? 

The main difference is the music itself and the alternative space that we are using. I remember being in Carmen and rehearsing here. It’s such an interesting space. This is the first "non-traditional" production I’ve done at BLO. 

What has the rehearsal process been like?  

It’s been so much fun! Because the two works are both so short, we’ve gotten it staged relatively quickly and it has allowed us to put a lot more detail in our actions and movements, making things more specific and (hopefully) interesting. We’ve been able to run it several times and add in many more facets that is really hard to do when doing a four hour opera sometimes.  

How do you like being a member of the Trio? 

Very exciting music! It’s not often that as an opera singer I get to explore different kinds of music in my professional life, so exploring this tightly dense harmonic music with interesting rhythms has been a lot of fun.
And I have to say that I’ve absolutely enjoyed the dancing!

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BLO productions you've been involved in?

BLO has been a guiding force in my career these past years! It’s been a very exciting and helpful position to be an emerging artist here because we are given advocacy and we are invested in with large amounts of autonomy. I’ve had a lot of amazing experiences here. I’ve gotten to work with really great directors, conductors, and musicians and I’ve been able to perfect my craft here. BLO really allows artists to stretch themselves in ways we sometimes don’t think we can! I’m really appreciative of this opportunity. 

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Join us for Trouble in Tahiti/Arias & Barcarolles MAY 11-20 at the DCR Steriti Memorial Rink. Single Tickets start at $25. 

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We look forward to seeing you at the opera!

Images from top to bottom: Todd McNeel

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