Wagner - a Hollywood character if ever there was one - sublimely  egotistical,   manically self dramatizing, luxury - loving,   
obsessed with money,  frantically seeking fame,  superbly vain, and a self-proclaimed genius. Here he turns up in several 
different cinematic  incarnations:
 The famously awful, curiously fascinating MAGIC FIRE 
with Yvonne de Carlo as Minna and Rita Gam as Cosima.   
A bit of Richard Burton in the 1983  TV film by Tony Palmer  
with Vanessa Regrave as Cosima
   The completely loopy PANDORA and the FLYING DUTCHMAN (1951) with Ava Gardner and James Mason.
Here's an appropriately daffy trailer, but check the whole movie out if anything appeals
(Ava Garner has never been more seductively ravishing - and that's saying a lot. )