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What will my seat be like?

Oct 18, 2010 12:48:00 PM
By BLO Staff

Sometimes attending the theatre is a nerve-wracking experience simply because we don't know where to sit! What will the seats be like? How much does it cost? Will I have a good view? Where is the bathroom? How do I get to my seat? Who will be sitting next to me? There are SO many unknowns!
The Shubert Theatre has 1500 seats. Every person has his/her own idea of a good theatre experience, so before you buy tickets, think about what is important to you:
Do you like having leg room?
Do you like sitting on an aisle?
Do you want the best sound quality possible?
Do you want to be so close that you can see the singers sweat?
Maybe you just want the experience of attending the theatre...then maybe the cheap seats are the best choice for you! Everyone is different, so tell us what YOU like!
If you desire an entirely stress-free opera experience, subscribe with The BLO Bunch because you'll be seated with other students! Still on the fence? Join two staff members on a tour of the Shubert Theatre, exploring all sections of the house.

- The BLO Bunch

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