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Worldwide Timeline of 1841

Apr 16, 2013 3:41:00 PM
By BLO Staff

What was happening…?
Richard Wagner
• 28-year-old Richard Wagner wrote The
Flying Dutchman
(first version) 

• The US Supreme Court rules in the
“Amistad” case that the Africans who seized control of the ship had been taken
into slavery illegally
• Frederick Douglass spoke in front of the Anti-Slavery
Covention in Nantucket, MA

was born…?

Emmanuel Chabrier
~ French Composer and Pianist

Antonin Dvorak
~ Czech Composer

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
~ Asso. Justice of US Supreme

Albert Edward, Prince of Wales
~ Future King Edward VII

Otto Wagner
~ Austrian Architect

Adolfo Rivadeneyra
~ Spanish traveler, Diplomat, and Writer
How old was…?

Brahms = 8 years-old

Liszt = 30 years-old

Schumann = 31 years-old

Chopin = 31 years-old

Mendelsohn =  42 years-old
Who died…?

William Henry Harrison, the 9th US President
~ Died a month after his
inauguration (first US President to die in office)

Karl Friedrich Schinkel
~ Prussian architect

Franz Xaver von Baader
~ German philosopher and
was written…?

“Murders in the Rue Morgue” by Edgar Allen Poe

“The Deerslayer” by James Fenimore Cooper

“Self-Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The Old Curiosity Shop” by Charles Dickens
was new…?

The city of Dallas, Texas is founded by John Neely Bryan

Oberlin College in Ohio grants the first BA degrees to women

Adolphe Sax, a Belgian musician, invents the saxophone

The New York Herald Tribune starts publishing

Punch magazine in England starts publishing
Parts of the modern Saxophone
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