In the Wings

Backstage glimpses with Boston Lyric Opera

The Fall of the House of Usher & Uncanny Truths of American Identity

Opera Education Grants Self-Acceptance

Norma Study Guide Preview

Norma Cookbook

NEXT TO NORMA: Sidling up to the story

The Fine Art of Feasting in Ancient Gaul

What Inspires You?

Opera & The Ordinary: History & Interiority in Fellow Travelers

RESISTANCE! How Underground Gay Life Thrived in the 1950s

Boston’s own Lavender Scare: the Harvard Purge of 1920

An Interview with Thomas Mallon, Author of Fellow Travelers

Executive Order 10450: Six Decades of Government-Sanctioned Oppression

Powerful and Personal: Rothstein on the People in Fellow Travelers

Arts Matter: The Power of Opera

Beyond the Stage: An Intern’s Perspective on Community Engagement at Boston Lyric Opera

Modern Opera, Contemporary Creators: Sitting Down with Composer Poul Ruders

Modern Opera, Contemporary Creators: Sitting Down with Actor, Writer & Librettist Paul Bentley

Director's Notes on The Handmaid's Tale

Opera in the Golden Age of the Feminist Dystopia

THEN AND NOW: How the Landscape has Changed since 1985’s The Handmaid’s Tale

A Walk Through The Handmaid's Tale

Intense Drama: Longtime friends Caroline Worra and Maria Zifchak on their challenging HANDMAID'S TALE roles

Connections: Harvard, Puritanism, and The Handmaid's Tale

A Deep Dive into Poul Ruders' THE HANDMAID'S TALE: Part II

A Deep Dive into Poul Ruders' THE HANDMAID'S TALE: Part I

Quickstart: The Handmaid's Tale

Lobby Installation: The Rape of Lucretia

Director's Note: Who was Lucretia and why does her story still matter to us?

Conductor David Angus on Britten, LUCRETIA, and a Career in Opera

Benjamin Britten in Rome: The Rape of Lucretia

Confronting Sexual Violence Onstage: The Rape of Lucretia and The Handmaid's Tale

Make a Day of Your Trip to the Opera

From Esther Nelson: The Power of the Human Spirit

Who is Lucretia? The Personal is Political

The Legend of Lucretia: Exploring an Archetype

Quickstart: The Rape of Lucretia

Subscriber Spotlight

Singing into 2019

Student Reactions to the Opera- & Film-Infused SCHOENBERG IN HOLLYWOOD

Schoenberg in...Hollywood?

Composer's Note: Tod Machover on Schoenberg in Hollywood

“The Punk Ballerina” Meets Arnold Schoenberg: Karole Armitage Directs Schoenberg in Hollywood

GAZES: Schoenberg the Artist

DRIVEN INTO THE PARADISE: Arnold Schoenberg and the Exile Experience


HIGH FIVE: Get to Know SCHOENBERG IN HOLLYWOOD in 5 Minutes or Less

The Finest Opera Buffa in Existence: Rossini's Sparkling Barber of Seville

A Daring Mezzo: Daniela Mack Brings ROSINA to Boston

The Factotums of the City: Rosina & Figaro

Vocal Acrobatics & Musical Wit: A History of The Barber of Seville

HIGH FIVE: Get to Know BARBER in 5 Minutes or Less

You've Heard the Hype, Now Meet the #HypeTeam

BLO Education: Summer Recap

Dissenters & Rebels: FIGARO

Dissenters & Rebels: MARIAN ANDERSON

Dissenters & Rebels: LA MAUPIN

Dissenters & Rebels: HILDEGARD VON BINGEN

Dissenters & Rebels: VA, PENSIERO

Dissenters & Rebels: JOAN OF ARC

Dissenters & Rebels: LA BOHÈME

Meaningful Stories, Incredible Youth: BLO School Partnerships 2017/18

“The only true history of the times”: African American History Onstage

Spotlight on: Composers Adolphus Hailstork, Nkeiru Okoye, and Anthony R. Green

Spotlight on: Composers Margaret Bonds, Undine Smith Moore, and Dorothy Rudd Moore

Catching up with Claude Heater: Original Trio Member in Trouble in Tahiti

Spotlight On: Vincent Turregano, Emerging Artist

“Trouble in Tahiti" Indeed

Dinah's Dream: A Psychoanalyst's View

The Conductor Cometh: Leonard Bernstein

Transforming Spaces for Opera

A Snapshot from 1952

Journey to Tahiti: The Genesis of Bernstein's Trouble in Tahiti 

The Personal, Political Leonard Bernstein

Get to Know Tahiti/Arias in 5 Minutes or Less


“Mackie” Goes Wild: “Mack the Knife" Part II

Song about A Serial Killer Hits Top of the Charts: "Mack the Knife"

A Double-Edged Blade: The Curious History of  MACK THE KNIFE

Brecht Hated Opera: So Why Write Threepenny?

Arbit Blatas and The Threepenny Opera

Spotlight: James Maddalena

Get to Know The Threepenny Opera in 5 Minutes or Less

Meet the Cast of  The Threepenny Opera

Spotlight On: James Darrah, Director of The Threepenny Opera

BLO Explores Jenny Lind: 1978 and Today

Exploitation and Entertainment: The Legacy of P. T. Barnum

THE DIVA: Jenny Lind

Opera in an Ice Rink?

BLO's Top Ten 2017 Opera Moments

Finding Your Voice

Student Review: Burke & Hare

The Dress Circle - Gala & After Party Edition

Celebrating Opera Week

Edinburgh, 1828: The Historical Core of Burke & Hare

Behind the Scenes with the Burke & Hare Creators

Composer-Librettist Team Julian Grant and Mark Campbell Talk Burke & Hare


HIGH FIVE: Get to Know BURKE & HARE in 5 Minutes or Less

First Impressions: Student Responses to TOSCA

The Complexity and Humanity of Floria Tosca

Introducing The Dress Circle

Napoleon Complex: The Politics of TOSCA

Remembering Robert Honeysucker

Finding Meaning in Melodrama: TOSCA

HIGH FIVE: Get to Know TOSCA in Five Minutes or Less

Video Games & Opera: Final Fantasy

Back to School with BLO

A Deadly Relationship: Tosca & Scarpia

Students Ask BLO! Part II

Advanced Opera Creation for Teachers!

Video Games & Opera: NieR Automata

What to Wear? Opera Fashion 101

Students Ask BLO! Part I

Community Engagement Recap: 2016/17

Hey, Renée! Meet Jenny of The Threepenny Opera

Opera Singers Get Patriotic!

Video Games & Opera: Persona 5

From the Classroom to the Stage: Saltonstall School Performs

Vissi d'arte: Top 10 Toscas

A Musical Collaboration: BLO, BEMF & Boston Baroque

From the Fifth Graders... Ten Mile Day Opera

The 5 Hottest Moments in Opera

From a BLO Volunteer... 80 Hours at the Opera

A Tosca-Inspired Tour of Rome

OPERA in the 20th & 21st Centuries: BLO’s 2017/18 Season

40th Anniversary Season: The High Notes

Student Figaro Reviews

Easter Eggs in The Marriage of Figaro

360-Degree Art Form: Rosetta Cucchi

Meet the #FigaroBLO TWEET SQUAD

The Marriage of Figaro: Designs Sneak Peek

Writing Vows: Creating THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO

Three Figaros in Search of an Opera

HIGH FIVE: Get to Know The Marriage of Figaro in 5 Minutes or Less

Auden’s Search for Fulfillment: The Rake’s Progress

Neoclassicism: Order, Clarity, Balance, Economy

Spotlight on the BLO Production Department

Stravinsky Arrested in Boston for Desecration

Stravinsky: A Chronological Portrait in 7 Photographs and 8 Bits of Music

Jane Eaglen’s Battle Cry: In It for the Music

BLO Ventures into Virtual Reality with First 360° Video

The Man about Town: David Cushing Sings in Rake and Figaro

HIGH FIVE: Get to Know The Rake's Progress in 5 Minutes or Less

The Art that Inspired 'The Rake's Progress'

Boston's Year of Opera in 2016

Meet one of our Emerging Artists!

Greek Tidbits and Inside Info

HIGH NOTES: A little light Oedipus entertainment

Mark Anthony Turnage Interview

HIGH NOTES: Dryden, Furies, Oedipus—and the power of music

The Turmoil of Thatcher’s London

HIGH NOTES: More trips down Oedipus lane


HIGH NOTES: And so it begins...

HIGH FIVE: Get to Know Greek in 5 Minutes or Less

THE HERO: Complexes and All

HIGH NOTES: Portrait of a Sphinx

The 40 Seasons of Boston Lyric Opera: A History Part VI

Coda: Fall 2016

Powerful and Strong: Joan Anton Rechi, revival director, talks Carmen

The 40 Seasons of Boston Lyric Opera: A History Part V

HIGH NOTES: Just Kidding…

HIGH NOTES: The Best Entrance Music Ever Given – The Habanera

Sorting BLO's 40th Season by Harry Potter House

The 40 Seasons of Boston Lyric Opera: A History Part IV

Soul Sisters: Carmen and Beyoncé

The 40 Seasons of Boston Lyric Opera: A History Part III

The Art of the Bullfight

Carmen in Boston: A Look Back at the Opera’s Local Premiere

The 40 Seasons of Boston Lyric Opera: A History Part II

The Opera Singer's Gift

The 40 Seasons of Boston Lyric Opera: A History Part I


Celebrating a Year of Opera

Why do we believe in BLO?

Reflections on Opera Conference 2016

The Merry Widow Waltz Is Everywhere

Roger Honeywell: From Actor to Opera Singer

A Man in Six Portraits: Franz Lehár

The Magic Flute Exhibit at New York Public Library—Featuring BLO!

Operetta's Leading Lady: The Role of the Merry Widow

Looking Back on Werther: Feedback and Reviews

BLO Announces Its 40th Anniversary Season!

Encountering Massenet at the BPL

Werther Lives On: Sequels through the Ages

Opera March Madness

Alex Richardson Dives into Werther: An Interview with Richard Dyer

Dr. von Lyric: Two Overlapping Geniuses

Werther Post-Show Discussion Questions

Werther: A Sneak Peek!

Goethe and Opera

BLO's Werther Breaks New Musical Ground!

Massenet—Beyond Werther

The Power of the Letter: Werther

Obsessive Love and Werther

The Merry Widow Recommendations

Get to Know Lehár's The Merry Widow

Werther Recommendations

Get to Know Massenet’s Werther

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