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From Esther Nelson: The Power of the Human Spirit

Mar 7, 2019 10:33:04 AM
By BLO Staff

Our Spring Season begins with the powerful story of Lucretia, a woman whose choice to speak up sparked change. Hear General and Artistic Director Esther Nelson discuss why BLO selected this opera and why you should witness this remarkable story. Watch the video or read the transcribed copy.




“This Season, we really celebrate the power of the human spirit, particularly when faced with adversity or injustice.

So this Season, we look at a wide range of stories going back to 2500 years ago [with] a historical- or based on a historical- Roman legend of a woman who dares to speak out against her rapist and her offender. And 2500 years ago she is heard. In fact, that particular incident launched a succession that ultimately toppled the government at that time. So there is incredible power.

Why I would encourage anyone to come to this opera is that  it isn’t actually the act of rape [that] is theatrically central. It is the impact. And it is an incredibly powerful story and music about empathy. You will walk away from this opera feeling empowered and enriched and, I believe, with a deeper sense of understanding.

I do believe this is the right time, and I invite all our patrons to make the leap if you are hesitant. You will not regret it.


- Esther Nelson, Stanford Calderwood General & Artistic Director


Join BLO for the spring production of The Rape of Lucretia


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