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Lizzie B: a word from team stage management

Nov 4, 2013 11:04:00 PM
By julia

Our fabulous stage management team on halloween
Lizzie Borden rehearsals are really starting to heat up as we dive into staging the final act of this hair-raising opera.  The tension is building and Lizzie is getting to her breaking point. History already tells us the horrific outcome, but what really was going through her mind on that bloody August morning? Seeing this story come to life each day has been quite the journey. So far we have had axes spilt into tables, singers rolling and crawling on the floor and Lizzie starting to lose herself in her own mind. Getting this glimpse into Lizzie’s world really helps you get to know this character a lot more than just the rhyme we all heard growing up. With a week left in the rehearsal hall before moving into tech, everyone is working very hard into developing their characters and learning this tricky but fascinating music. Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow holds.
        - Taylor Ruge -

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