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Lizzie B: FACTOID 3

Nov 12, 2013 11:00:00 AM
By julia

SNAPSHOTS of LIZZIE  ( truths ? rumors?  interpretations after the fact? )

"She was a very solid lady, short, heavily built...You wouldn't have thought twice about her except for her jaw. Enormous. The largest jaw I ever saw in a woman"

"Her expression was not a pleasant one. Not a face you would voluntarily address."

"She was always neat and plainly , but smartly dressed.  She favored blue. During the grand jury hearings she wore a tip-tilted hat with cherry- colored ribbons and when traveling a blue veil to conceal her face.. Her shoes were shined each morning"

"Her laugh (although rarely produced) was memorable - unexpected, mirthless and very loud"  

"It was only after the crimes that people began remarking on her oddities. At school she was a fair but not exceptional student, her chief interest, it was later recalled, in vivisection, preferably on live frogs."

" Ex-Governor Robinson of Massachusetts and one of her defense lawyers summed it up. ' Gentlemen to find Lizzie Borden guilty you must believe that she is a fiend. Does she look it? The prisoner at the bar is a woman, and a Christian woman, the equal of your wife and mine'  And  indeed there she sat in her neat blue dress, a little brooch in the shape of a pansy, Sunday School teacher, devoted worker for Temperance, Christian Aid and Foreign Missions, a small bouquet on the table befoire her brought by her minister." 

"Her eyes were huge and protruding, the irises an almost colorless ice-blue. They were strangely expressionless. I have heard many speak of them as dead eyes, but the eyes of the dead are dull; Lizzie's had the shine of beach pebbles newly bared by the outgoing tide" 

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